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Darla says, "I only buy Puppy Love Products for my two dogs!!! They both drool while I am opening the bag for them!!! Only the best natural ingredients for my furry family members and Puppy Love is just that!!!! With your products I do not have to worry about my dogs health!!! I am pretty sure if my dogs every got loose in fort Macleod they would head straight to your location...lol! Alberta made makes me very happy!!! "

Erin from Calgary shares, "We love Puppy Love Pet Products because they are Canadian made and support rescues! They are our foster dogs favourites!

Nadine tells us, "My dog of 11 years deserves nothing but the best for his undying love and loyalty and Puppy Love products are just that. All natural healthy snacks that leave him wanting more all the time. He love them so much he spends his nap time dreaming of being the Puppy Love poster dog. With a happy healthy heart he dreams of more Puppy Love made from all natural goodness.

Lorelei, all the way from Newfoundland says, "We love Puppy Love...For many reasons buy primarily because it's 100% Canadian and isn't full of additives or preservatives! I know exactly what I'm giving my boy! Puppy Love is the only treat I buy... my GSD loves them...Pretzel chews are his new favourite and they have become the treat of choice after his nail trimmings... The beef/bison liver/lung/heart and turkey/chicken breast are perfect for training and the poultry patties are the go to for a bedtime snack! Oh and can't forget the duck/chicken feet, tendons and back straps!

I always recommend Puppy Love! I have at times pre-ordered Puppy Love at my pet shop so as to make sure I never run out! Oh and the Puppy Love Customer Service... Absolutely Fantastic! I am 100% a lifelong customer!

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